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What is FoAEA?
The Friends of AEA (FoAEA) is your parent teacher organization. We are the nonprofit fundraising arm of Albert Einstein Academies Charter Elementary and Middle Schools.

How can I get involved/volunteer?
We are always looking for community members to help with events, fundraisers, and other opportunities. With the help of individuals like you, we are helping to ensure that Albert Einstein Academies Charter Schools has the funding and support needed to maintain and expand the supplemental programs at AEA. 

Please use our volunteer form to sign up!

How can I find out about school re-openings?
For the latest information on school re-openings, please refer to the AEA Reopening Resources webpage here:

My student has a problem with their teacher. Can you help me?
No. If you or your student has a question for or about your teacher, please reach out to your teacher directly. Staff directories can be found on both the elementary and middle school websites.

Who do I contact when parents impact the neighborhood? (i.e. move trash cans or illegal parking)
Please reach out to the school’s front office with regards to illegal parking or moved trash cans. Phone numbers can be found on both the elementary and middle school websites.