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About FoAEA

Who We Are –

Our mission as members of Friends of AEA is to enhance our school’s capacity to provide the best possible education for our students. We strive to do this through:

1) Focused support of enrichment programs (including Art, Music, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, and Science) within the set curriculum, as well as overall support for Assemblies and Field Trips.

2) Athletic, academic, and cultural experiences (including both German and Spanish) for our entire student body that are both social and educational, and consistent with our International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

3) Teacher and staff appreciation and support throughout the entire school year (including our Teacher Grant program and Staff and Teacher Appreciation Week).

4) Meaningful Family Engagement (including meetings and events that promote an open discourse between families, our teachers and staff, school administrators, and our larger community).

5) Special Events which create lifelong Memories and help to cultivate a sense of community (both on campus and in the world in which we live).

6) Facilitating and promoting Communication between our families and with AEA (facilitated by volunteer Room Parents as well as through Social Media).

Since its formation in 2007, FoAEA has provided important financial assistance to AEA. Our efforts have been instrumental throughout the growth of our schools, including helping to start many of the Specials at the Elementary School and the Music Program at the Middle School. The highly anticipated AEA High School will surely benefit from our continued efforts and support. As AEA continues to grow and evolve, so too will Friends of AEA – as we work together as members of our larger AEA community, all for the benefit of our children.

Bylaws of Friends of Albert Einstein Academies – English (proposed changes)

Bylaws of Friends of Albert Einstein Academies – Spanish (proposed changes)

2023-2024 Board Members

Christine Roche
Vice President
Heather McLean
Rosalie Henke
Vanessa Cirannek
VP Fundraising
Lorine Wilcox

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Communications Lead
Katie Pipes
Events Coordinator
Amanda Rowe
Cultural Lead
Vanessa Klein
ES Room Parent Coordinator
Andrea Patin

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2023-2024 Supporting Members

Social Media
Maaike Petrie
Volunteer Coordinator
Steffi Wolf
Erica Zietzsch
Run/Read-a-thon Lead
Jennifer Frapwell
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