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About FoAEA

Who We Are

The Friends of AEA (FoAEA) is your parent teacher organization. We are the nonprofit fundraising arm of Albert Einstein Academies Charter Elementary and Middle Schools.

During the 2018-19 academic school year, we raised approximately $180,000 through events and fundraisers that we have organized and dedicated ourselves to throughout the year. Last year, we helped to enable the music program at the Middle School, and helped to bring turf to the Elementary School thanks in part to our Annual Auction Gala Special Appeal.

Bylaws of Friends of Albert Einstein Academies

Our 2019/2020 Board Members

  • Stephanie Grinnan, President 
  • Shana Cutler, Vice President 
  • Roxanne Fulton, Secretary 
  • Sören Fröhlich, Communications Lead 
  • Alice Qualls, Marketing Lead & Webmaster 
  • Peggy (Prabalini) Parameshwaran, VP of Events 
  • Sheri Powers, VP of Fundraising 
  • Jennifer Morrissey, MS Parent Committee Lead 
  • Stephanie Manis, MS Teacher Representative 
  • Kim Slemaker-Silva, ES Room Parent Coordinator 
  • Mary Findlay, ES Teacher Representative 
  • Tanja Sawicki, German Liaison Board Member 
  • Britta Hershman, Board Assistant 
  • Deborah Pawlowski, Acting Treasurer