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Dear AEA Families,

Welcome to Albert Einstein Academies and the 2017-2018 school year! We would like to take a moment to introduce those of you, for whom the school is new, to Friends of Albert Einstein Academies (FoAEA or “Friends”). Friends, our schools’ parent–teacher association (PTA), has served as the fundraising arm for both the AEA Charter Elementary School (AEACES) and AEA Charter Middle School (AEACMS) since 2007. Friends is a non-profit organization that raises money to provide financial support for enrichment programs such as art, PE, music, science, gardening, nutrition, field trips and special assemblies. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, it is up to parents like us to support and subsidize these critical enrichment programs beyond the minimal government funding.

You may ask…”how can I help?” The answer is simple…get involved! Attend our monthly meetings, volunteer time at an event, donate to our Annual Appeal, and see if your employer will help sponsor our Auction Gala or provide a matching grant.

Our Annual Appeal slogan this year is "Grow Your PTA with a $1 a Day.” Friends encourages every family to join in and support our schools by giving $1/day for each child enrolled ($30 a month). However, this is just a guideline, not a requirement. A monthly donation in any amount would be helpful and greatly appreciated. Sign up today at www.foaea.org/donate. This is the simplest and most efficient way of sustaining our amazing enrichment programs; and will provide you with a monthly record of your tax-deductible donation. Another option is to fill out and return the enclosed fundraising envelope which will inform us of your level of willingness to donate time, money or both. “Come Grow with Us!” Another easy and effective way to support our schools is to use this link www.foaea.org/amazon when shopping on Amazon. When you shop through this portal, 8% of your purchase comes back to the school!

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