The German Cultural Committee is a subcommittee of the fundraising organization Friends of AEA. The role of the GCC is to help strengthen the German academic and cultural programs of AEA.

The committee is composed of both German and non-German parents of AEA students. A major goal of the German Cultural Committee is to enhance the German language and culture experience for all students at AEA.

After consultation with our German teaching staff, the most requested item for helping our students is to maintain the number of German intern teachers here at our school. These young teachers are native speaking student teachers from Europe (Austria, Germany or Switzerland) who come to AEA to experience life in an American school and host family and to assist with German language instruction. Several generous parents provide room, board and transportation for these interns during their extended stay of 5 to 10 months. With the help of intern teachers more differentiated instruction and individualized student attention is possible, which is particularly important to our German immersion program due to the many different language levels in the German immersion classrooms.

Over the course of the past years, the GCC has been able to provide more than half of the funding for our German intern teacher program through fundraising events like the popular German after-school classes, the fabulous Father-Daughter Dance, the Disco event, as well as bake sales during the choir concerts. ln addition to these fundraising events the GCC also funds cultural school events for the AEA community like the Kindergarten Einschulungsfeier (beginning of school celebration). Please consider joining the GCC or coming to GCC fundraisers to support our mission to help strengthen the German academic and cultural programs of AEA.

Please join the GCC for our annual Wintermarkt on Sunday, December 3rd. Festivities begin at 11AM and go until 3PM. 

This year, we will be celebrating "Winter Traditions Around the World". Donate $1 to the GCC and your child will receive a passport to "travel to around the world". Learn about different traditions while exploring each station. When your child fills up his/her passport with stamps, they'll earn a prize.

Until then, if you would like to reserve a vendor booth at the Wintermarkt, please take a look at our vendor information below. For a limited time, AEA parents will receive $20 off their reservation of any space labeled #19 thru 34. The deadline for that price is October 31st. Please fill out the registration form ASAP and turn it in with your payment at the front office to Birgit Schafer. If you have any questions, please e-mail aeagcc@gmail.com.
*New! Pay online by credit card to reserve your booth! Go to https://friendsofaea.givingfuel.com/winter-markt

Help us celebrate "Winter Traditions Around the World"! Please share your diverse cultural Winter Celebrations with us. E-mail Mary Findlay with your story.