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Call for Nominations – Please join us for our June 13th, 2019 Meeting

Friends of AEA Meeting –
Thursday, June 13th at 6PM

Volunteers are the life and blood of the parent teacher organization here at Albert Einstein Academies. We are the Friends of AEA, the non-profit fundraising arm of Albert Einstein Academies. This year, we raised approximately $180,000 through events and fundraisers that we have organized and dedicated ourselves to throughout the year. Our goal: to create a nurturing learning environment for our children to supplement AEA’s IB program and to facilitate the strong educational programs here at AEA. In other words, we do this for the benefit of our children! This year, our Annual Auction Gala raised funds to bring the highly desirable turf to the Elementary School. Bye bye dusty playground! The year before that, we helped enable a flourishing music program at the Middle School.
Please join us June 13th at 6PM at the Middle School MPR
Get a deeper sense of what Friends of AEA does and peer into what our budget looks like for the upcoming school year. Lastly and most importantly, please consider joining the Friends of AEA Board. We have several positions being vacated by members terming out this year.

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We are not going to lie to you and tell you that it’s easy to do all of this. What we will tell you is this – our parent teacher organization is a breathing, living, caring community of working parents, stay-at-home parents, and teachers all working together to make the AEA Community a better place. In the end, you’ll feel rewarded that your efforts (no matter how big or small) impacted the future of your children.